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With its deeply captivating woodiness, Oud resembles few other scents. Deep and indulgent, Oud is a powerful and soulful fragrance that lingers longer than any other known scent, making it perfect for the home.


This scent sweeps you away to the hills of Provence, where the lavender, gently coaxed by the wind, releases its fresh aroma. Enriched with relaxing lavender essential oil, this scent fills your home with a soothing, aromatic atmosphere

Rose Musk:

Exquisite, dew-kissed roses in full bloom romanced with soft, pure musk that caresses the senses. A scent that is absolutely divine yet gracefully light.


This radiant and sparkling scent exudes a graceful and floral atmosphere – light and airy, it lifts the senses, mind and soul.

Ylang Ylang:

Considered by aromatherapists to be an aphrodisiac, Ylang Ylang essential oil has a sweet, exotic, floral scent which is one of the most sought after fragrances.


A sparkling, fresh fragrance that opens with a burst of super juicy pomegranate, followed by a delicious twist of succulent berries.

Wild Fig & Grape:

A gorgeously refreshing and uplifting scent - Wild Fig and Grape is the perfect Summer fragrance, suitable for any room. Fresh, green leaf notes complimented by enticing red grape.

Vanilla & Sandalwood

A sweet intense woody blend of sandalwood with warm vanilla.



Juniper & Pine:

The scent of thick pine trees on days spent outside in the fresh, crisp air – this invigorating aroma brings solace for the soul

Apple Pie:

The aroma of soft cooked apples, smothered in caramelised sugar, cream, and cinnamon, embraced by a buttery crust. Comfortingly delectable!


A distinctive aroma of homemade gingerbread, combining luxurious spices such as ginger and cinnamon blended with a base of creamy vanilla.

Frankincense & Myrrh:

This exotic fragrance takes its inspiration from the opulent fragrances of the Orient... the rich blend of warm Frankincense and the sharpness of Myrrh are a seasonal favourite, creating a calming and relaxing scent.



Amber Oud Noir:

Warm, sensual and captivatingly opulent.  A sensual take on oud, exotic in character and seductive in its appeal. This alluring scent is built on the fusion of two ancestral raw materials: amber and oud.

Wild Cherry:

A deliciously addictive scent, this sweet, fruity aroma will leave you craving for more!

Rose Oud:

A more feminine interpretation of Oud, perfected through the combination of wild rose and sensual rare Oud wood. A mysterious and bewitching ode to sensuality.

Strawberries & Cream:

A luscious and rich medley of vanilla and strawberry. Exudes a truly decadent aroma!


We love conjuring up new and exciting fragrances, so watch this space for more scents!